Self Storage

Our storage containers are safe, secure and dry. They offer an affordable solution with fantastic access 24 hours a day – plus you can drive right up to the front of each to load and unload.  Our sites are well lit so dark winter mornings or evenings present no issues. 

Looking for somewhere to store your household belongings, store stock, document storage,  operate a business, house move? Get in touch. 

Standard Unit

Our standard unit is 20ft long by 8ft wide – that’s 160 sq ft. This offers approximately the volume of 2 Luton vans. Ideal for a 2 – 3 bed house move. All of our units offer a secure cowl that prevents any tampering with the lock, and internal lights and electric are available on some site.s

Small Unit

Our smaller unit (only available at some locations) are 9ft deep by 7.2ft wide. They provide an affordable solution if you have less to store. They also benefit from internal lights and electric and anti-condensation ceiling insulation.

The finest dehumidifying solution to first class storage. One of our clinically proven dry-air units will control and neutralise damp, viruses, bacteria, germs, mould, odour, dust and mites.

£8/WK - 9FT UNIT
£12.50/WK - 20FT UNIT

(Only available at some locations)
If you are storing anything valuable, treasured or heat sensitive then consider one of our frost prevention heaters.

£5/WK - 9FT UNIT
£7.50/WK - 20FT UNIT

(Only available at some locations)
For a low cost, effective solution put a few of these in your unit over winter to capture any trapped moisture. Lasts up to 12 weeks

£25 EACH


Only available at some locations


Need to chop saw a few lengths of wood? Top up your mobile charge? Vacuum your classic car?

Units at some our sites include an electric socket for you to use whilst on site at no extra cost.

(Due to safety reasons the supply is on a timer switch and cannot remain on when you are not present at the unit)

Available at:

Pembroke Dock Site


Only available at some locations

We are one of the few containerised self storage companies to offer FREE internal lighting.

It may not seem like much but having a spot of light for those late evening drop offs or early winter morning pick ups is worth its weight in gold. ​

Available at:

Pembroke Dock Site

Port Talbot Site


Only available at some locations

Units on certain sites have their ceilings treated with our special insulated coating. This coating is proven to prevent condensation build up and subsequently prevents drips - keeping your belongings dry.

This coating also has thermal properties that helps insulate and prevent rapid heat rise or loss through the roof of the unit.

Available at:

Pembroke Dock Site

Port Talbot Site


Come and go whenever it suits you

All of our sites are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week​.

Plus with easy access you can drive right up to the door of your unit.


State of the art system

Our sites all benefit from state of the art CCTV systems.

The cameras are monitored off site by a professional team, 24 hours a day.

You can rest easy knowing your unit and the site itself has a watchful eye on it at all times


A unique key and lock is provided

When you rent a unit from us you get a unique extra heavy duty lock and key. There is a £50 security deposit for these items which you get back at the end of your hire.


Our units have been specially modified for self storage use - the locking system has a tamper proof cowl and on some units easy access door handles have been fitted.

Self Storage Facilities


Self Storage

We all have too much stuff and not enough space! Use a container as a garage and free up space at home


Our 20 ft units are big enough to store the contents of a 2-3 bed house. No long term contracts means we're perfect for last minute house move completions


We offer one of the most affordable means for long term document archiving


You don't need an expensive warehouse. Drive right up to the front of your unit for easy stock loading and unloading


As working from home grows in popularity a unit makes a great base of operation when you do need a physical space for your projects and plans

Classic Car /
Bike Storage

Need a great place to keep your classic vehicles dry, safe and away from prying eyes? Give us a call

Tool &
Material Storage

Our units are very popular with local trades men as a base of operation and to store tools and materials


Our 4 week minimum hire period is perfect for temporary storage for student's belongings inbetween semesters

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